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NFT Hearts are the key to the YDY experience. You can take our fitness classes for free, but you need a heart in order to earn tokens from your workouts. To get a heart, you need to purchase a mint box. Hearts are available in different seasons, with only one season being offered at a time.

There are four types of hearts.
Green, Yellow, Orange, and Rainbow. Each type earns you more tokens when you're in the corresponding heart rate zone.

Attributes drive token earnings.
There are three key attributes on every heart. Efficiency helps you earn more tokens per minute. Endurance helps you spend less stamina per minute. Luck will have a soon to be revealed use case. Level your heart up to get more attribute points and apply them where you see fit.

Hearts have different rarities.
Common, Rare, Legendary, and Epic are the four types of heart rarities. The rarer the heart, the more attribute points.

purchase a mintbox to get a heart

Mintboxes are the key to obtaining a heart. Each mint box has the chance to give you a heart of any rarity.

Mintboxes can be purchased exclusively using iOS and Android in app purchases for $19.99 USD. You do not need to own any cryptocurrency and can use your credit card on file with Apple & Google Play.

How spirit, stamina, and tokens work

Spirit determines how many minutes you can workout and earn tokens. The more hearts you own, the more spirit you have.

Stamina is the overall health of your heart. The more that you use your heart, the more stamina that is used. You can spend tokens to recover your hearts stamina back to 100%. Apply endurance attribute points to use less Stamina in a workout.

You earn the $FTW token with every workout as long as you own a Heart digital collectible. The amount of tokens you earn is determined by the rarity of the heart, its level, its attributes, your heart rate zone, and your workout performance.

pick a fitness class

We have hundreds of fitness classes, with more classes added every single day. There is something for everyone - short workouts, beginner workouts, long workouts, advanced workouts, and more.

Our fitness classes are across many modalities - treadmill, strength, rowing, cycling, elliptical, yoga, boxing, stretching, and more.

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connect your wearable and heart

Connect your wearable device to the YDY app so that we can track your heart rate. We support dozens of devices such as the Apple Watch, Garmin smart watches, and basic bluetooth heart rate monitors.

In addition, you'll need to select the heart that you want to use for the workout on the pre-workout page.

how heart rate impacts your tokens

There are six key zones that you can be in - Grey, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. As long as you are in the Blue zone or above, you'll earn tokens. See the chart in this section to understand each different zone.

The key to earning the most tokens possible is through matching your heart rate zone you're currently in with the heart rate zone of your Heart digital collectible.

upgrade your heart - recover & level up

After every workout, your heart loses Stamina. Once your heart is below 50 stamina, you will earn significantly less tokens. To get your Stamina back up, you will need to Recover it by spending tokens.

You can Level Up your heart in order to gain a higher daily earnings cap and more attribute points. The daily earnings cap is based upon the highest level heart that you own.

Attribute Points are added after every time you level up. Those points can be applied to increase your endurance, efficiency, and luck.

You enter a cooldown period after leveling up, which limits how long until you can level up again. You can pay a Boosting fee in $FTW to skip this wait.

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